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Food Warrior Network -- 'Warrior' for the purpose of leading a new path; building a network dedicated to advancing economic justice for family-scale farming; promoting Animal Welfare Approved, pasture-raised/finished product; through social communication, education and marketing efforts.


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Contact YOUR members of Congress to Vote No! #TPPFastTrack


Benefits of Safflower

Kids need less GUN culture and more GROW culture.


One of the most inspiring stories to me about urban farming and revitalization comes from Braddock, PA.

I don’t know if you have ever seen the documentary done on revitalizing the ghost town on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, but it’s REALLY good. 

Urban farmers have begun calling Braddock home in hopes to help keep the community alive and help out their fellow neighbors.

Click the pic for an article. 

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Back cover of Everything for the Fruit Grower (1896) from E.W. Reid’s Nurseries out of Bridgeport OH. See more examples in our Seed Catalog collection. Happy Vernal Equinox!

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Makes the bees and butterflies happier too. 

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